The Dirt on Tour de Trails: Dirt Church Radio Podcast

Mostly, while I try to live an interesting life to my own mind, I don’t really feel my life is anything above ordinary and not - for the most part - interesting to anyone else.

So when the likes of Dirt Church Radio hosted by Matt Raymond and Eugene Bingham, comes along and says, ‘hey, wanna chat on our podcast?’, it’s both confusing and exciting. Why would anyone want to listen to me blather on? But hey, I love a good yap (often accused of ‘over-explaining, over-writing, over-race briefing’). And it’s exciting because I do quite like a window of opportunity to shout from the rooftops about how damn good our trail running and adventure lifestyle is (I say ‘our’ meaning mine, yours and everyone in the scene!).

And really, the lads are top blokes who are just fun to have a chat with, regardless of if no-one or everyone is listening (it’s hard to back up following in the footsteps of Zach Miller!).

Anyway, we get into conversation about trail running, adventure and the meaning of it in general, the genesis of how Tour de Trails came into being, and a bunch of other things including how the whole trail running thing started with me being retrenched from my role as editor of a generalist adventure magazine and self-publishing Trail Run Mag AU/NZ as an antidote to unemployment.

Anyway - here’s the fella’s speel, and link to the episode should you be curious about where Tour de Trails comes from and the thinking behind our tours:

From the Dirt Church Radio website:

”Kia Ora whanau!! The concept of adventure in our culture is one that is generally associated with the most. The most vert, the most trail, the most difficulty, the most. Mostness. Our conversation with Chris Ord certainly covers this facet of adventure, but also challenges us to think that adventure is something that is individual and that we can intertwine with our everyday lives. But hey, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Chris Ord is the editor in chief of TrailRun Magazine. Which documents trails in a more coffee table/ narrative style than just a dirty running tabloid. He is also the director of Tour de Trails, which provides guided running tours through Australia, Europe, and South Asia.

In the time that we’ve been doing DCR, Chris has been someone that multiple people have reached out to us to have on the show due to his love of trail running, his involvement in the sport for many years, his perspective as someone who has documented the culture exhaustively and because he tells a ripping good yarn. And it was a ripping good yarn. We talk about Chris’ love of adventure (both big A and little a), his first ever “10 km” trail run with a guy named Dean Karnazes, and the genesis of TrailRun Magazine, amongst many other things such as the future of adventure tourism and his role as a consultant in that field. Chris tells us  how purposefully misplacing the car keys can lead to an amazing day out. This is indeed a ripping good yarn and we are very thankful to Chris for speaking to us. Heck, we even let him have TWO Greatest Runs Ever because they were such gems. Enjoy!! “




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