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But don't have the time or wherewithal to make it happen? After all, these things take huge logistics, and all you want to do is run. Let someone else take care of the nitty gritty. Just make sure the food's good, the wine is quality and the bed is comfy, right? And throw in a few quirky extras will you?

Sure. That's what Tour de Trails specialises in: making your dream run a reality. [sorry no road runs - off the beaten  - and definitely way off the bitumen - track only!]

Tour de Trails will listen to your wish list, advise on feasibility, carry out the research necessary and present back an entire trip plan. We can then also handle the actual logistical load and host the trip for you, anywhere in the world. The wilder, the more off piste, the better.

You benefit from experts in the field, trained run guides with wilderness certification, including first aid.

We will:

  • complete all mapping and finesse route finding

  • plan and confirm all logistics

  • compile a tour management plan incl timeline

  • book travel and accommodation

  • vet and hire any local guides or translators required if international

  • recce the route if required (unless your mission is to be a 'first')

  • guide you on the run

  • take care of all catering to a high standard

  • manage any third party contractors (i.e. 4WD access guides, helicopter put in pilots etc)

  • provide first aid management and evac protocols

  • provide creative input to ensure your multiday trail run mission is as memorable as it can be

Clients can be involved in as much or little of the planning process as they wish to be, with the confidence that safety and security is as much a priority as adventure.

For those worried about discussing a 'first' mission or a concept that requires confidentiality, please be assured that all approaches are dealt with under guarantee or privacy. Your idea for the best run in the world, remains yours!

Bespoke tours can be for individuals or for groups of up to 15. We also deal with NGOs, not for profits and charities and can organise fundraising missions on any scale.

Contact us today to make your trail run dream a reality.